Recce Group was founded in 2005 with its initial charter to become the industry-leading training solutions provider for the homeland security, defense, and public safety sectors. Our reputation for service and excellence has gained the respect of law enforcement, military, and government agencies internationally. San Diego-based American Shooting Center acquired Recce Group in late 2006 to complete its training and security capabilities. We now provide full-scope turn-key security and training solutions to U.S. federal, state, and municipal-level government agencies, allied nations, multi-national corporations, homeland security and public safety entities.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Recce Group has a professional presence on each coast of the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Middle East and the Balkans, poising Recce Group to respond to the global security challenges of the 21st century. At  Recce Group, we combine innovative leadership, forward-thinking, and real-world experience with a common sense approach in order to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective security and training solutions. Recce Group is a division of American Shooting Center. For more information about Recce Group, click here.

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